How do I hire you?
Call for a legal interview to determine whether I can help you, or submit the form on the Contact Me page, and I will call you. After our 15 minute legal interview, you can decide whether you want to retain my services, and I can determine whether I would be a good fit for your case.

Do I have to travel to your office to hire you?
No. Although meeting face to face is preferable. If your work schedule does not allow a face to face consultation, I can email you a retainer agreement, and you can pay over the phone using a credit card.

How much do your services cost?
It depends on the case, and case type. We will discuss this over the phone.

Can I make payment arrangements?
In a “flat fee” case, the entire amount will be due at the time of retaining my services. I do accept credit cards. In a case with an hourly rate, a retainer will be due up front. We will discuss this over the phone.

(Note: This is a free 15 minute legal interview by phone to determine whether or not I can meet your legal needs. It will include you giving a brief outline of your legal matter, a discussion of how I might approach your case, and a discussion of my legal fees. It does not include in depth consultation or giving advice regarding your particular case. For that, you would need to schedule a legal consultation, for which there will be a charge. A legal interview DOES NOT create an attorney client relationship. It is for background information for you to determine whether to retain my services.)